My Story


Coreena is a solo electronic music performer, born in Seattle and now based in Berlin. Using voice looping, analog music technology, synths and samples, she creates a collage of dreamy textures, slowly evolving melodies, and stuttered rhythms that call back to the roots of IDM, Trip Hop and Soul while simultaneously tackling new emotional ground. Coreena has released 5 indie projects, 4 of which she is the sole singer, songwriter and producer.

I've been singing and writing since I was 9. I've always loved singing. I started gigging in 21+ clubs at 16 because I couldn’t wait. I dashed to Boston to attend Berklee College Of Music and refined my musicianship, theory and performance, then I sprinted to the outskirts of Los Angeles as a musician and lived there until my heart started to feel homesick and I relocated back to my hometown...Seattle. While home I perform, record, and simultaneously teach voice/piano to help others realize there passion for music.

Finding new inspiration for new music and stepping into this next musical adventure is so exciting and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!