So where is all this music that I supposedly came to Berlin to do? Keep reading, you'll find out! 


Sooo much to tell but I'll make it brief! Landed in Berlin March of last year. Found a temporary place for a few months while Biscuit and I was settling in Prenzlauer Berg Berlin. Super cool Neighborhood. Actually did a vlog about it here hehehe! Then found a job as a music teacher and permanent housing in June/July which is pretty freaking awesome! Berlin can be tricky when looking for a job and housing! 

Once at the school as a music teacher teaching weeee little kids, I started to get constantly sick for months. I'm talking sick with fever, chills, serious colds, it all hit my system, but made me stronger for the better! My immune system is made of steel now, LOL! In any case, if I wasn't sick I was just plain tired and drained from fighting sickness and taking on a full time job with such young children. I had NO time for writing, performing or doing anything but work, recover, and do it again. Although I did find some time to travel to Prague, Amsterdam, and the UK! 

Something had to change. So at the first of the year I pulled my hours back, like HARD, but I wasn't foolish, I didn't stop my day gig. (I got bill and Biscuit to feed). 

Once I pulled those hours back I had SOOOO much energy and had been thru the storm of sicknesses and viruses so wasn't getting sick anymore...THANK GOOOODNESS! Time to make up for lost time and that I did! 

I've been recording, writing, taking new pics for images, planning, rehearsing, getting a few performance dates and just doing what I came here to do! It's been BEAUTIFUL! 
Its definitely been a journey that's made me stronger and resilient! You'll hear about it more in my music. 

Thanks for all your love, positive energy and support! MUAH! 

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Coreena xoxoxo 

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