Musicians lets stop being so selfish - The importance of community and collaboration

Yeah I said. I'm also very guilty of this. Maybe I can save other musicians time and disappointment by pointing out what I used to do and what I've learned NOT to do when it comes to other musicians and having a since of community. Because I'm a solo artist, I know how important it is to be self reliant. When first starting out I worked with others and had some success and some disappointments. Unfortunately the disappointments affected me very deeply and I started to shift to the feeling of "If I don't do it, it won't get done" which has crystalized into doing any and all things for by myself AND by myself. I'm not super woman, I need help. I'm human. Not to mention its BORING! 

There is such a rich experience in collaboration. Having a since of community helps us understand we aren't in this alone. We are out here in large numbers hitting the pavement, having successes, failures and learning. Why not do it together. Helping others and others helping us makes for a more powerful individuals and collective. Trust and believe musicians are judged as a collective. There is literally NOTHING TO LOOSE by extending a helping hand to other musicians. Simple things such as following, liking, and commenting on posts and being present on there social media is super helpful. Thinking about bringing extra cables and small equipment for others on a live set that might need it, even though you may not use or need it. Helping/offering to carry or break down equipment is awesome, (especially for singers who sometimes only have a mic to think about it). Sharing information about venues, festivals, and performance spots instead of thinking other musicians are only competition.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm very competitive. BUT its always been competition with myself. I'm pretty tough on me working on easing up on me. (I'lll save that for another post). All in all the more we learn how to be super helpful to others we learn how to be super helpful to ourselves too. Rely on our community, be helpful, and stop being selfish. This post is for me as much as it is to my fellow musicians. Love you all, now go kick some serious ass on the stage/track/song.



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